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Maineikas ammattilaiskoulu Le Lido järjestää Circus Helsingillä monipuolisia työpajoja toukokuussa
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Monday 28/05/2018 18:30-21:30 Wednesday 30/05/2018 10:00-13:00
Juggling 15 places
Handbalancing 10 places
Floor acrobatics 15 places
Chinese pole 6 places
Aerials 15 places
Tightwire 3 places fully booked

A brief description:
We are the 25th graduating class of Le Lido – Regional centre of Circus arts, Toulouse. We are composed of 15 young artistes of 11 nationalities.
We will be hosting a series of masterclasses which have a technical base. Some will continue in this direction, at the research of a technique which is pure and precise, others will share tools which can be used in the creation of work, as well as explore ways of researching to create a technique which in itself is theatrical.

How does it work? How much does it cost? Where is it? Who is it suitable for?
Each day there will be 3 masterclasses which will run simultaneously; but you will choose to enroll in just the one you like the most!
The duration of the masterclass will be three hours, the minimum age will be of 15 years old, the workshop is open to people who have done the speciality at least for 5 months.

The price of one masterclass is 50 euros, and the price of two masterclasses is 80 euros.
The workshop will be held at Circus Helsinki, Sörnäisten rantatie 22, 00540 Helsinki, Finland.
The workshop is suitable for people who already practice circus recreationally; or who participate in another similar activity- gymnastics/ dance/ rockclimbing etc.

How do I sign up ?
to reserve your place you have to do two easy things, complete the form and make us the payment.
Here is the form:

This form can also be found on the facebook event Circus Masterclasses with the 25th Promotion of Le Lido

*If you would like to enroll in a masterclass on both days; you will need to fill out a seperate form for each masterclass.

How to pay:
Payment will be by bank transfer to an account that we have opened for the this purpose.This will be the only way to pay and has to be done when you complete your enrollment form.

The details of the bank account are as follows:
DE45 1001 1001 2620 9922 57
N26 Bank GmbH N26 Bank GmbH Klosterstr. 62 Klosterstr. 62 10179, Berlin Germany
Matthieu Bonnecuelle Rue de Gaillac 14 31500, Toulouse France

When you make the payment; please include your full name as well as the date of the workshop you have chosen.
When we receive your form and payment; we will send you an email confirming your enrollment.

Practical info:
– We will be ready to meet you 15 minutes before it begins, so we can get to know each other and start on time 🙂
– Make sure you have the comfortable clothing that you can move in. If you have chosen an aerial class you will need to bring a pair of leggings, and if you have chosen a Chinese pole class, you will need a pair of jeans; and grippy rubber soled shoes. For the tightwire class you will need some soft soled shoes such as ballet slippers.
– A water bottle; a notebook; a pen and anything else you think you might need; are not to be forgotten !

Are you having trouble enrolling through the form? Are you not sure what to bring to the masterclass? Got any questions? Please send us a mail at lido.pro25@gmail.com !

A juggling workshop exploring the utilisation of space rhythm and energy, these will be studied by improvisation and fixed movements.
with Simon Aravena and Cara Carnerero

a workshop which will focus on tools which aid in the development of alignment; mobility, endurance in a basic handstand which are vital pre-requisites for more advanced skills such as the one arm handstand.
We will also explore a little different shapes; qualities of movement; rhythms and energies as well as entrances and exits.
With Steph Mouat and Juliette Frenillot

Floor Acrobatics
A workshop where we will clean existing technique and tricks, write phrases of acrobatics as well as explore the basics of duo acrobatics. We will also explore new tricks and have the opportunity to work on individual goals or objectives.
In addition to this we will work on performing acrobatics in a way which is theatrical, in being conscious of the way different physicalities and uses of space by the body can be perceived dramatically
with Maxim Pairault and Ayru Quispe-Apaza

Chinese pole
A workshop where we will refine the fundamental positions and extend the participants vocabulary with new tricks and complements to their technique, as well as work on existing tricks and sequences concentrating on the ideas of fluidity and flexibility, and the relationship between the Chinese pole and the ground. It will also cover the fundamentals of duo work on the Pole.
with Harold De Bourran

The workshop will allow participants discover or rediscover the practice of tightwire, and at the end of the workshops have learnt enough tools to continue to train tightwire alone. The participant will learn to manage, tame and play with moments of imbalance in order to flirt with balance.
They will learn to move about on the wire, to dance, to have fun, to find new steps and ways of moving.
We will work on the technical vocabulary of the wire walker- turns, dance steps, running, jumping, leaping and stopping.
with Marie VanPoulle

Aerials (Aerial rope/tissu)
The primary objective of this workshop will be to create a safe space of research, observation and reflection in which it is possible to confront oneself and one’s weaknesses in order to find a sincerity, in parallel to trying to distance ourselves from the forms of aerial which already exist.
with Karita Tikka, Maristella Tesio and Marcelo Nunes