WORKSHOP: Aerial Hoop and Trapeze Choreography

Vierailevan ohjaajan rengastrapetsin tiiviskurssi (englanninkielinen):

WORKSHOP: Aerial Hoop and Trapeze Choreography

Sunday 25.11.
Time 12.30–15.00

Workshop will focus on three fundamental elements of aerial choreography:
1) smooth and creative transitions
2) conveying meaning through movement
3) musicality

Students will learn and practice three basic sequences on hoop and trapeze, with each sequence revolving around one of the discussed elements. Students will then create their own longer sequences (within their own individual skill levels) under the supervision and guidance of the instructor. Lastly, each student will perform her/his sequence, accompanied by music.

Musicality will be a large focus of this workshop. As a musician as well as a performing aerialist, Eliana has an innate awareness of how to use music to define movement. If you have a piece of music that you would like to use for your own choreography, please bring it on your phone or MP3 player.

*Please note: This workshop will not teach tricks or moves. A previous knowledge of at least ten moves on either hoop or trapeze is strongly encouraged. Performance at the end of the workshop is not required.

Duration: 2,5 hours including warm-up
Language: English
Price: 40 €

Information about the teacher:
Eliana was born and raised on North America’s West Coast. She began exercising her physical creativity as a child through recreational gymnastics. She soon made the smooth transition to circus by joining a youth performance troupe, where she developed an aptitude for bar-based aerials. She continued her professional training in the USA, Canada, and Denmark. Since 2012, Eliana has been performing as an independent aerialist in Vancouver, Canada including with the nationally renowned company The Underground Circus. Eliana also has more than eight years of experience coaching aerial hoop and trapeze. Until her move away from Vancouver earlier this year, she held the position of Head Hoop and Trapeze Coach at CircusWest Performing Arts Society. Now wandering between artist residencies in Germany and Finland with a work-travel visa in hand, she looks forward to bringing her signature musicality and creative choreography style to you!

In addition to a circus artist, Eliana is also a visual artist and a passionate musician. Please visit for more information, images, and footage.