Workshop: Acrobatics and movement

Tue 30.7.
Wed 31.7.
Thu 1.8.

Time 18:00–20:00

Feel where the movement comes from. Corporal consciousness. Where does acrobatics and dance find each other? Through improvisation and writing, the objective of the workshop is to take a journey in which each person can recognize and use his individual qualities and develop his own language. We enter into a specific way of doing acrobatics.

In order to really take advantage of the workshop, it’s not necessary to be a strong acrobat, but it’s important to have developed consciousness of the body and be used to working with it.

Teacher: Tom Collin

Tom Collin begun floor acrobatics with Mamhoud Louertani (Cie XY) by doing the ”old school circus acrobatics”. He went to the school Le Lido and finished in 2017. He has worked with Cirque Pardi, Cie Lapsus and Cie Pétri Dish. He is also founder of Cie DébilEmmental. Now, he continues in his own journey through all the tools and styles that inspire him, capoeira, breakdance, sufi dance and tricking.

Price: 90 e
Language: English