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Tapaninpäivän avoimet harjoitukset

To 26.12.
klo 17:30–19:30 lapset ja nuoret
klo 19:30–21:30 aikuiset

Kertamaksu 6 €

Lisätietoa avoimista harjoituksista



Circus Helsingin leireillä harjoitellaan monipuolisesti eri sirkuslajeja, kuten lattia-akrobatiaa, ilma-akrobatiaa, käsinseisontaa ja trampoliinihyppyjä. Lisäksi kiinnitetään huomiota lihasvoiman ja liikkuvuuden harjoitteluun. Lastenleireillä myös leikitään ja pelataan erilaisia pelejä.

Leireille voivat osallistua niin vasta-alkajat kuin kokeneemmatkin sirkus- tai akrobatiaharrastajat. Opettajat huomioivat jokaisen osallistujan lähtötason ja tarvittaessa vaikeuttavat tai helpottavat harjoituksia kunkin treenaajan tarpeisiin.

Aikuisten minileiri 1
Pe 27.12. ja la 28.12.
klo 17-20
Hinta: 75 €

Aikuisten minileiri 2
Pe 3.1. ja la 4.1.
klo 18-21
Hinta: 75 €

Lasten minileiri (7–12-vuotiaille)
To 2.1. ja la 4.1.
klo 14-17
Hinta: 75 €



Workshop: Circus Composition with Ron Beeri

The aim of the workshop is to learn new tools which the participants can use in their own work. During the workshop the participants will get individual tasks focusing on different structures and composition concepts developed by Ron, learning ways to compose with their own circus discipline. Through those concepts we will create new routines while using our own individual tricks, techniques and movements. Most of the workshop is individual work and each participant should bring his/her own equipment. The workshop fits for all circus disciplines and for all levels from basic technical level to very advanced (not for beginners).

Fri 3.1.2020
Time 9:30­-17:30 (with 1-hour lunch break, lunch not included)

Price: 80 €

Level: All from basic technical level to very advanced (not beginners)
Notice: Workshop is for all circus disciplines. Participants should come with their own equipment.

Teacher: Ron Beeri
Ron is a juggler & circus artist born in a small “kibbutz” in the north of Israel. As a teenager he discovered juggling through some kids on the street in his hometown. Beside a way of expressing himself through the art form, juggling became a medicine for his ADHD. In 2009 he moved to Stockholm where he graduated from the Dance & Circus University (DOCH). Later he based his own company BEERI in Sweden and Founded LAZUZ Company together with Itamar Glucksmann. Currently Ron is touring with LAZUZ, his solo projects, Claire Parsons Company and teaching in different venues and circus schools around the world.



Workshop: AcroModernLAB with Alberto Poli and Beatrice Zancanaro

Sat 4.1 and sun 5.1.
Time 11:00-14:00

Price: early bird: 80 € (before 20.12.) / full price: 100 €
For adults and youth over 13 years
Level: basic movement background (2+ years of dance/gymnastics/acrobatics/circus training)

AcroModernLAB is an international project committed to sharing experience and passion for movement through intensive workshops. The ultimate goal of this laboratory is showing performers, artists and athletes of all levels how to use their body and skills in a different way, as well as deepening movement awareness and enriching personal potential. Through a stimulating approach to modern-contemporary dance and floor acrobatics, practitioners get to investigate crucial topics such as 3-axis coordination, adaptivity, air/floor awareness. Also, creative group games aim to dig deep into our own emotional baggage and creativity in order to discover new extra tools that can be very useful in stressful situations (e.g. working in a company or being at an audition).

Teachers: Beatrice Zancanaro and Alberto Poli

From world-class rhythmic gymnast for the italian national team to top level dancer for the largest show business companies around the world (Franco Dragone, Luc Petit, Notre Dame de Paris) Beatrice dedicated all her life to the study and research of the arts of movement and their nuances. She has worked world-wide for television and theatres, including live event with artists like Anastacia, Liza Minelli, Andrea Bocelli and more. Beatrice eventually reached the peak of her career by joining Cirque du Soleil for the first cruise ship live show tour ever created by the Canadian company, in 2017, starting as a dancer and ending as artistic leader.

Alberto found his calling when he was 12, the day he first admired the acrobats of the Guinnessrecord winner musical show “Notre Dame de Paris”. In 2007 he created Team Vertical Limit, group of acrobats and street dancers specializing in live shows and videomaking, and over the years he developed his own style by mixing floor acrobatics with tricking, free run and stunts. He performed as acrobat on several international stages like Glastonbury Festival, Arena di Verona and Royal Opera House of Muscat while training with inspiring artists around the world. In 2016 he joined the international show “Notre Dame de Paris” by Riccardo Cocciante and Luc Plamondon performing as acrobat in Paris, London, Istanbul and all-around Italy.